Neil Crespi

Friday, June 29, 2007

Hi Guys! I'm back!

Whew! After a long hiatus, Neil Crespi is back on track.

I have been so busy all those weeks that you've never heard of me. Yeah, I know it quite lame to say that one's busy and use that as an excuse not to update his blog, but then hey, as lame as it sounds, I have really been busy all these days. So please bear with this not so updated blog posts.

Okay, I wasn't around when Paris went to jail and when she was released from prison just this week. Oh, poor me. How could I have missed such a huge event? I am sure there was a celebration in slut-heaven upon Paris' return to the real world. Geez, if the reports were false that Paris was receiving a special treatment in jail, then she must have gone through a lot. Ever heard of gang rape and all those nastiness done inside? Paris must have enjoyed all of it.

Anyway, Paris is free but I'm back so there's still hope for humanity. I hope I could make a few posts next week when the tasks on hand are lighter.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith dies at 39

I know that by now, news sites and blogs have already informed the world that Anna Nicole Smith died at 39 in Florida. She was last seen hanging out in Hard Rock Casino where she collapsed and was then immediately brought to a hospital in Hollywood. Witnesses said she was already dead upon arrival. It is still a puzzle what caused her death but speculations abound that she died of heart failure.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Daniel Radcliffe goes mature

Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter has taken off his invisibility cloak and shows off his bod in Equus.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

No sexy roles for Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone is a good actress though it seems that people tend to associate her more with sexy roles than serious ones. This year, she wants to make a few needed changes in that image and vowed to not accept sexy roles again. Ever?

Contact Music has more abt this:

Hollywood beauty SHARON STONE has vowed not to return to the roles in which she made her name - insisting she has ditched her "sexy" image for good. The actress, who only last year (06) starred in the raunchy BASIC INSTINCT 2: RISK ADDICTION, insists she now only focuses on serious roles, after deciding to ignore parts which rely on her looks. She says, "I made a decision when I turned 40 that I wasn't going to lie about my age, and that when I chose my films I'd look for different sorts of parts from those I was used to. And that's what I'm doing. "So many directors in my life have wanted to commercialise me or use me as a commodity - they weren't interested in my acting skills. "These days I'm only interested in using my talent and I won't work for anyone who won't accept that. I don't bring the other stuff any more."

Good decision from Sharon. It is always nice to think about greater things and her realization about the roles she is going to accept in her future movies is her way of showing that she has matured (at last) and is now concerned of her acting career. What worries me though is that Sharon might not be able to cash in some dough with this new picky attitude. After all, she became Sharon Stone because of her sexy roles. I hope she comes out from all this with her career still intact.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jennifer Hudson wins Golden Globe

This is such a great year for Jennifer Hudson, a former American Idol finalist. After losing to whoever that was in that reality contest, Hudson proved that she was made for something greater. And the recent 64th Golden Globe Awards paved the way for her to make that happen. And rumor has it that she is groomed to receive an Oscar too this year. Whew! Jennifer has arrived and she is about to make more waves in the music industry.

Here’s something from Blogcritics:

It happened guys! Jennifer Hudson won herself a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture. Now I just need her to win that damn Oscar! And how many did Miss Overexposed double nominee Beyonce win? Zero. Zilch. Nada. Not even the one she and her daddy were expecting to win, Best Original Song — which went to Prince, a no-show (at the time — he showed up later).

After all that talk of how you lost 20 pounds, worked with an acting coach for six months, how you've always dreamed of an Oscar since you were a little girl, how your first choreographer told you you were meant to play Deena, and how different you and Deena are from each other, you still walked away from the Golden Globes with egg all over your face.

Okay, so the script above is more like a bash against Beyonce who was, I suppose, quite confident that she will make it. Poor girl, she was forced to pretend that she was happy and all for Jennifer for winning the award. Well, who could blame her? She is Beyonce, for crying out loud.

Click here to know more about the Golden Globes.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Paula Abdul has never been drunk?

Yes. Paula said so herself. Reality Blurred has this to say:

She tells Entertainment Weekly that she was not, in fact, intoxicated. Instead, it was simple misunderstanding. “Last year, when no one understood what I was saying, and even though I’ve never been drunk in my life, I’m accused of filling my Coca-Cola cup with alcohol. Yeah, that was really fun for me,” she said.

Well, I don't know Paula that much but this claim is just hard to believe.

I would leave the bashing to Dlisted!

Let’s assume she’s telling the truth, then homegirl has a major problem with the pills. Because that was not a sober individual on AI last season. Maybe she’s getting high from the hairspray fumes or from Simon Cowell’s pec sweat…but she was definitely not sober.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Merry Christmas guys!

I am wishing everyone a joyous Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

This appears to be quite early but I make it a point to do this right now so that I won't forget greeting you guys at all. Besides, my schedule is kinda tough, considering that there are tons of work to do to beat deadlines at work and beating the Xmas rush hour. Also, I still have gazillions of gifts to wrap and nephews and nieces to visit (and give those gifts to). Pretty hectic really but I am not complaining because I love every second of it.

It is refreshing to see the huge smiles and innocent voices of those little rascals once again, that's why I can't wait to see them this weekend. Whew! I am sure you guys are also busy with your respective Xmas routines. Let's all celebrate the season with love, hope, and faith.

Merry Christmas everyone!